Spokane International Airport

Spotted Road Overpass and Realignment Project

(Seeking funding under Rural BUILD Grant)

To address the project’s primary goal of safety, the project will utilize an innovative design by constructing the first overpass at the Airport in an effort to provide separation between the multiple modes of transportation operating in and around the Airport.  The project will relocate the Airport Drive/Spotted Road intersection with a new grade-separated interchange above and across 5 lanes of Airport Drive. This project will:

  • Improve safety with a grade-separated design
  • Eliminate vehicle-crossings at two intersections
  • Eliminating collisions at two intersections
  • Improve the primary access corridor
  • Separate multimodal transportation systems
  • Increase connectivity for surrounding commercial, industrial, trucking, manufacturing, and aerospace development businesses
  • Advance the existing Critical Urban Freight Corridor
  • Enhance traffic routes for economic growth development
  • Meet current and future traffic demands

The Airport is also partnering with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to complete another significant safety improvement by realigning a portion of Spotted Road outside of the Airport’s Runway Protection Zone (RPZ).  The RPZ is a clear zone designated by the FAA to prevent air navigation hazards as well as to reduce hazards and increase safety to people on the ground.


Project Documents: