Spokane International Airport

Conference Room Rentals

Looking for a location to host an upcoming meeting or off-site retreat? Consider one of the conference rooms at Spokane International Airport. The Airport has three rooms available that provide a comfortable and private atmosphere. All three rooms provide access to a monitor or screen for presentations and catering options are allowed. The conference rooms are conveniently located near the Airport terminal and the Garage and Outside Parking Lots. Additional details about each conference room are highlighted below. 

To check availability and/or submit a rental request, please contact the Airport Administration Office at 509-455-6434. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm.

Conference Rooms at Spokane International Airport

Executive Conference Center

Location: On outbound Airport Drive across from the A/B Concourse Baggage Claim Area

Accommodates up to 24 people

Wi-Fi available 

Learn more by clicking on the link: Executive Conference Center


Ground Transportation Center Conference Room

Location: North end of the Airport's rental car ticket counters, next to Enterprise

Accommodates up to 8 people

Wi-Fi available

Learn more by clicking on the link: GTC Conference Room


Irv Reed Airport Event Center

Location: 9211 W. McFarlane Road, Spokane, WA 99224 (building is just off of McFarlane Road between the Airport's Outside and Economy 1 Parking Lots) 

Accommodates up to 42 people

Learn more by clicking on the link: Irv Reed Airport Event Center