Spokane International Airport

Airport Drive and Spotted Road Realignment and Interchange Project

The Spokane International Airport is applying for a United States Department of Transportation Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grant for $14,300,000 to fund the construction of the  Airport Drive and Spotted Road Realignment and Interchange Project. By relocating Spotted Road outside the Runway Protection Zone and constructing a grade-separated interchange over inbound and outbound Airport Drive roadways, this project achieves several objectives including improving surface and aviation safety, accommodating traffic growth and promoting economic development, reducing greenhouse emissions, improving multimodal access and enhancing freight traffic mobility.

Spotted Road is a north-south collector roadway that begins at U.S. Highway 2, north of Airport Drive, and continues south connecting industrial and manufacturing employment centers between Airport Drive and Flightline Boulevard/Grove Road, with direct access to Interstate 90. Airport Drive is an east-west looping 5-mile long route serving as the sole access corridor for traffic to and from the Airport Terminal as well as surrounding business, commercial and industrial parks. The current traffic on Spotted Road (approximately 2,600 vehicles daily) intersects Airport passenger and delivery traffic (around 16,500 vehicles per day during the week and 14,200 vehicles per day on the weekend) with cargo, industrial, public transit, school buses, travelers originating west of the airport, and manufacturing freight traffic. These numbers are only expected to increase as planning studies estimate commercial and industrial development along the Spotted Road corridor will add an additional 1,000 vehicles per day within the next 10 years as its growth continues, and the Airport is experiencing an annual growth of 10% in commercial air traffic and 8% in cargo air traffic.

The Spotted Road/Airport Drive intersections and geometry are considered dangerous from a crash rate perspective and improvements are necessary to enhance the safety of the traveling public. The combination of lower speed Spotted Road traffic trying to cross the higher speed Airport Drive Inbound and Outbound intersections has led to multiple collisions, many of which are serious injury accidents and even some fatalities. These problems, which continue despite installation of additional traffic safety measures, can best be resolved with a new grade-separated interchange that enhances both safety and mobility in the region and promotes economic growth within the S3R3 Solutions Public Development Authority.

Airport Drive & Spotted Road Realignment and Interchange Project

Rendering of grade-separated Spotted Road Interchange over Inbound & Outbound Airport Drive